Creative ZEN X-Fi

Its been soooo long since my wallet "vibrates" upon the sight of a Creative product. See my previous post.

Creative ZEN X-Fi is by all means the very best from Creative. The cool hard facts support this claim.
  • Creative banked this latest product on its X-Fi technology. It is technically a different product's market position to iPod. ZEN X-Fi is for people who is craving for superior music quality on the go.
  • Cementing their status as the best performing media player, ZEN X-Fi comes with premium earphones (as claimed by Creative and Creative earphones aren't too bad).
  • MSN/Yahoo Messenger is also installed in ZEN X-Fi. Cool.
  • ZEN X-Fi maintains Creative usual stylish design.
  • My favourite part is certaintly the built-in Wi-Fi. Really upgrades ZEN X-Fi status to a heavyweight in the portable media player market.
Its hard not be impressed by ZEN X-Fi especially when the pricing is relatively economic in my opinion.

There actually two versions of ZEN X-Fi; with and without Wi-Fi.
  • ZEN X-Fi without Wi-Fi only comes in 8GB. Creative's official web is currently without a price for this model.
  • The Wi-Fi version is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Apparently, the 8GB and 16GB is bundled with the promotion of the latest movie, Red Cilff; S$229 and S$329 respectively. The 32GB version is selling at S$399.
Right now, Creative ZEN X-Fi may not topple the iPod. But its going to put up a really good fight.


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