Diskeeper 2008: The Experience

One of the easiest thing one could do to speed the computer is to defrag the hard drive. However, this has always been overlooked by many. In fact, Windows Operating Systems has a built-in defragment tool.

That is precisely the reason why I am initially skeptical of a third-party application since there is a built-in one. This is before Darryl, COO of Blog2U, kindly gave us one copy of Diskeeper 2008 (Professional Edition). And its been 3 weeks since I installed it on my notebook.

Diskeeper 2008

First I shall assess the differences between Diskeeper 2008 and our windows built-in disk fragmenter.
  1. Auto-Defrag. Diskeeper 2008 runs in the background. Windows' is a manual program that you run it when you need it. Diskeeper 2008 uses its InvisiTasking Technology that provides automatic defragmentation to increase the system speed. This the single most important reason why anyone should get Diskeeper.
  2. Defrag-Shield. Diskeeper 2008 also prevent crash-inducing fragmentation of critical system files.
Hence, I think we are looking at something really useful but again, not widely used. Perhaps my observations would give you a clearer picture.

Day 1: Installation
It was a breeze. No problems at all. And Diskeeper 2008 took up a mere 15MB on the computer. There is no icon in the system tray as well.

Day 2: I totally forgot about it
I fail to realise that I have a new application running in the background.

Day 3: The start-up time seems to be slightly faster.

Day 4: Timing
It is indeed faster. The loading of start-up programs seems to be faster by about 10 seconds.

Day 15: Generally
Everything is working well and ... fast. It is especially significant for major applications such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop.

Diskeeper 2008Diskeeper 2008

For a casual computer user like me, I think Diskeeper 2008 have improved the efficiency and at the same time making itself invisible. Fundamentally, it is cool. How about technically? I made several screenshots of its functions.

Diskeeper 2008

First of all you can actually off the Auto-Fragmentation if you want to.

Diskeeper 2008

Diskeeper 2008

Then you can actually see the process in which the software is put to work.

Diskeeper 2008

You can also exclude files that you do not want to defrag.

Diskeeper 2008

Auto defrag feature can be shut off automatically when the notebook is running on battery.

Diskeeper 2008

Being a professional edition, Diskeeper 2008 even has analysis tools for the performance of the hard drives. Though, this is probably going to be useful for advance computer users. Also check out the other tools on the right hand side of the screenshot.

Diskeeper 2008

And lastly an overview of Diskeeper 2008 again.

I recommend Diskeeper 2008 for all who thinks that their computers are optimized but is still unable to fulfill their potential. For advanced geeks, its going to be useful. And for the rest, installed Diskeeper 2008 and forget that you did that while enjoying a faster computing experience!

PS: Thank you Darryl and Blog2U again for Diskeeper 2008!
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