Axioo@The PC Show 2008


Making its second appearance on a IT show, Axioo managed to put more models of notebooks on sale. Currently, Axioo is still craving its niche out in the market. But serious competition from the field and more crucially, I see major brands like Fujitsu and Toshiba producing budget notebooks as well.


Axioo therefore, has to survived on consumers looking for a second notebook. In my opinion at least. I mean if Fujitsu has a model at sub-S$1000 why would I buy it from a relatively unknown brand when its only a few hundreds cheaper? 

Axioo TVR052C, its cheapest notebook on sale, featured a single core processor and other basic specifications. S$699 is attractive on the first look. The built-quality is great as I have seen them several times.

Nevertheless, it seems that Axioo is here to stay and are making quality notebooks (I think so.)
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