Fujifilm Promotion (Great Singapore Sale)


More promotion from this year Great Singapore Sale. And this is a highly recommended Fujifilm's promotion campaign. This is because I have noticed that Fujifilm has built up a good range of cameras for the amateur market.

For the compact cameras, I think Finepix Z100fd is one of the hot favourites when it comes to selection of a unique colour. In fact during this period, it is going at S$369 instead of the usual S$599. For the record, Z100fd is released last year. Check out its review.

Fujifilm has also recognize the fact that digital SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) is leading the way in the future of cameras. Hence while DSLR is still too expensive and unfamiliar for some, Fujifilm has introduced its series of high specification digital cameras in which it called them the S Series (Professional Series). In my opinion, cameras in this S Series seem to possess great specifications and pretty low prices. As for their performances and image quality, I must say some of which are pretty good yet not the best in the market. 

In a nutshell, I think Fujifilm's products are value for money unless you have too much to spend. 

Link 1 - (Z100fd, Z50fd, F100fd, F480, J10)
Link 2 - Finepix S Series 
Link 3 - (Z20fd, Z10fd)
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