Dell Vostro 1310

Dell has always been rated badly by most of my friend. Many critics said that the poor quality of the parts is to take the large share of blame. However, you would still see Dell everywhere on the street so they must be doing something right. The more recent model from Dell has to be Vostro 1310.

Dell Vostro

There is no point having a whole list of specification for this Business notebook as Dell's products are highly customizable which is I think one of its main selling points. And having seen it in the papers nearly everyday, I do have several pointers to discuss.

First of all, 13.1" display is the main reason to prompt me to write this post. In my opinion, 13.1" is probably the best size for a notebook. Well 14.1" notebooks are cool except that they often goes up to 2.5kg or more, which is really too heavy. For those without notebooks, believe me, 2.5kg is too heavy to be carried around the whole day. As for the 12.1" notebooks, they are portable no doubt but sometimes you might find the screen a tab too small for essays or internet (and programming according to my other editor of this blog). Of course, the zoom function is available but I can tell you it might be troublesome when time is at premium. Therefore, its nice to see Dell finally coming up with a 13.1" notebook.

The next thing to be concern with would be the design. For me, Vostro 1310 seems to be a clean, and non fussy notebook. Nothing outstanding and may be liken by a certain group of people who do not like colourful notebooks. The cover of this product is even glossy! Well that means it is a fingerprint magnet too. But at least its build does not possess the feel of cheap plastic.

Technically, I haven't hear complains of heat issues or poor battery life the two common complaints of notebooks. Overall, reviews for Vostro 1310 on the Internet are generally positive.

The cheapest Vostro with T7250 processor and Windows Vista Basic is probably the best price you can find for a T7000 series notebook at S$1,199. The other two versions of Vostro on the Dell website does not really appeal to me given the Windows Business or the Draft-N standard.


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