3G iPhone finally...

Apple iPhone

Well, as you might hear of it already Singtel has announced the arrival of the 3G iPhone. But it is really not as straightforward as it seems:

1. The original iPhone does not include 3G connection speed. Hence, 3G iPhone is a new product that is not in the market yet. It is said to be released in June 2008.

2. Both Apple and Singtel has not provided any date for the release of this much anticipated gadget.

3. Lastly, the sales model in Singapore. So Singtel made the announcement but what about Starhub and M1? Will they offer the iPhone as well? According to the article in TODAY, Telcommunication companies in Singapore are not allowed to use the SIM card lock method. Hence, either Singtel is the exclusive retailer, otherwise Starhub and M1 should be in the fray.

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