ASUS@IT Show 2008



IT Show falls right in the mist of my list of project deadlines, so straight to the point from me!

I have to agree that ASUS is doing a good job in Singapore. Besides slotting their advertisement in TODAY, the newspaper, they have also build up a diverse notebook line-up. So the following are my observation:
  1. Intel's Penryn processor has been included! Check out G2S, F8Sr and F8Sn.

  2. Freebies' standard remains relatively high for ASUS. Additional batteries and 160GB Western Digital hard drives are also seen at SITEX 2007.

  3. X51R is missing from the leaflet. It happens to be the lowest price ASUS notebook at SITEX 2007. It is replaced by X80, a 14.1" which costs S$1,398 and it is only a Intel dual core.

  4. ASUS's worldwide hit, EEE PC is not in the leaflet as well.

  5. Lastly, the price watch. Well, its general price drop for all models. Nearly all models had a S$100 price drop. With the exceptions of:

    • W7S has a whopping S$450 price drop
    • A8E seems to be the only model that maintains its pricing but its processor has since been upgraded to T7250
    • The ASUS-Lamborghini VX2S has a identical price and freebies from SITEX 2007

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