Getting a MacBook or MacBook Pro?


If you are considering getting a MacBook or Macbook Pro lately, hold your horses. This is because Apple has just updated their famous notebooks! And as per normal, Singapore do not get the upgrades immediately though my bet is for it to happen within a month. Surely you do not want to buy a MacBook now and tomorrow your new purchase becomes a thing of yesterday.

Consistent improvement to existing products has long been the motto for Apple, the icon for being cool and fashionable in Singapore. This time round, the upgrades are rather neccessary in my opinion.

1. Graphics Card
MacBook Pro now comes with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics with up to 512MB of video memory. Gaming MacBook Pro anyone?

2. Trackpad
Multi-Touch support for MacBook Pro. Cool. Nope, it does not come with MacBook.

3. Processor
Don't be fool by the specifications where a slower proccessor speed is quoted for the Macbooks. As for the MacBook Pro, its 2.6Ghz now! The new 45mn processors for both the series are purpose to increase the computer performance by 50%.

4. Wireless Connection
802.11n has arrived! Absolutely keeps MacBook in line with the current technology.

5. Storage and Memory
General improvement for both series; for example the 2.4Ghz MacBook gets a standard 2GB Ram and 250GB hard drive.

MacBook Air, Apple TV Take 2, iPhones updates... 2008 has just begun and well done to Mr Jobs.

Link - Apple USA
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