Singapore Tech Round-up

The past few days have seen some really seen some shocking news (or rather just one particular incident) and I am too busy with school to update the site. In a nutshell, the bloggers have an rather eventful weekend.

1. Advertlets' blunder
Need no introduction after nearly thousands of websites are affected (refer to the previous post if you have no idea about the incident). Furthermore, the error is not resolve quick enough for most.

2. Nuffang Exclusive program
In the midst of its competitor's blunder, Nuffang decides to hit Adverlets further with their exclusive program which is on the concept of "Nuffang-only sites". By putting only Nuffang advertisement on your website/blog, you get to enjoy a higher payout.

With Advertlets trying to repair their problem, Blog2u, the another local advertisting agent, sent e-mails to registered users with regards to issue of removing the on-going advertisment campaign.

3. National Library Board "archives" bloggers
11 local blogs have been added to the historical archive of the National Library Board (NLB). NLB says this is to preserve the different modern perspective of the Singaporeans, unique from the mainstream media.

4. Starhub at Terminal 3
Wireless@SG has finally made it to the Changi Airport. Starhub won the tender to provide the Internet access to the crowd. Starhub is previously providing access for a small fee.

5. Soundbuzz-"ing" Motorola
The famous local online music store has been acquired by the mobile phone giant , Motorola. So are we going to expect Soundbuzz Store support in the future Motorola 's phones?
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