Recent MSN Virus (Update)


Just a little more update on the MSN virus. Baring the variation of the virus, it has been since as early as 2004. It seems that its making its return lately again, especially in Singapore.

Once infected, the computer will send copies of the same virus to every online contact on the user's list.

I have included some solutions posed by the net community because there are variation of the virus. By the way, you should attempt to "System Restore" to revert the computer to a healthy status before trying to remove the virus.

Correction to the previous post: I checked with my friends, they actually had used some methods to do it, instead of Anti-Virus (which I had suggested).

Link - (Several methods and cleaner)
Link - NoVia Computers (
Link - SGForums (msnCleaner.exe w/instructions)
Link - Article on the virus
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