Apple MacBook Air (Part 3: The new stuff)

The world's thinnest notebook is MacBook Air. As the world media is busy writing about it, so am I! Let's go look at what is up Steve Jobs' sleeve this time round.

1. 0.4 - 0.94 cm thick (Need not introduction)


2. Micro-DVI port (The "super" port)
This video output port, together with the various adaptors provided by Apple, allows video connection to various outpot devices with just one port. Meaning to say, there is no need to have both DVI and VGA ports on the notebook. One port does it all.

3. Multi-touch

It works like iPhone. Different contact and movement on the touch pad allows various effects. Cool.

4. Solid-State Drive

MacBook Air comes with 80GB of hard disk but an option of 64GB of solid-state drive is provided. S$1,647.80 is the price the local Apple online store quote for this additional 64GB. Wow.

5. 5 hour of battery life


And finally, 5 hour of web surfing on such a thin notebook? I eagerly await the review results.

MacBook Air is retailing at S$2988 and S$5088. The difference being the core speed and the solid state drive.

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