Acer Singapore Promotion (Chinese New Year)


Companies love festivals since they are able to claim that they are celebrating the occasion by slashing the prices for their customer. True enough, this month, we have seen LG and their monitors and now its Acer's turn.

They will be holding roadshow at Funan IT Mall (17 to 20 Jan) and IMM (14 to 20 Jan).

Speaking of Acer, recently I have got my hands on a few acer notebooks, both the travelmate and the aspire series. In general, the heat management problem with the previous design is not so much of an issue with the current grey design. However, I noticed this grey colour design gets dirty very easily. It would get yellowish quickly if you do not give sufficient care to it.

I also found out that the aspire series' dolby surround system actually sounds quite good as compared to the other notebooks' sound quality. It is rather loud as well.

Overall an improvement but Acer has to watch out. They are not the most value-for-money brand around anymore. As notebooks get cheaper, expensive brands like HP and Fujitsu are able to lower their pricing and cheaper brands like Packard Bell are really getting into the market. 

Nevertheless, Acer's Singpost promotion is on this month. Check out the details. "Scratch and Win", freebies... Singaporeans' favourite.

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