USB Mug Heater

Christmas is here, good deals are here! This time we found something for those with little or no budget for Christmas presents. Introducing the USB Mug Heater!

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As some may have heard of it, some haven't, it does not matter. The point here is that this is a perfect Christmas present! It can be so useful and yet its not really popular in Singapore. Some models of the Mug Heater comes with USB hub as well. It can run up to 80 degrees celcius and not forgetting a on/off switch by the side of the gadget.

So where to buy? e-bay of course, as many would say. But I saw it at E-Life@Suntec City. Its in the store full of PC accessories and going for just S$3.80! As we say, its always the heart that matters, not the price of the present. Warm coffee always!

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