TSGTS Guide to Mozilla Firefox

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If you have never heard of Mozilla Firefox or you are not using it yet, Read on!


Mozilla Firefox is a open-source web browser (Like Internet Explorer). Being an open-source application has generate from the development community and they are trying to create new functions and fix security loop holes all the time. Unsurprisingly, Firefox's popularity is only second to Internet Explorer. It is not that more people prefer Internet Explorer but for the fact that almost all computers come with it installed.

Why Firefox?
1. Mozilla Firefox is free!
While Firefox is free, its quality and features are of really high standards.

2. Firefox helps to protect your computer from virus.
It is the single most important reason why you should swtich to Firefox. According to unofficial statistics, 70% of the virus and spyware are meant for Internet Explorer. This is because most people are using Internet Explorer and the virus-maker wants its virus to affect more computers.If you are using Internet Explorer now, download Firefox now!

3. Firefox is fast.
If you are still using Internet Explorer to read this paragraph, you should know that Firefox typically load a page faster than Internet Explorer.Try it for yourself, download Firefox now!

4. You do not need to learn to use Firefox!
First of all, it is easy to install Firefox. Its a small download of about 20MB and the installation process takes you less than 3 minutes! Meanwhile, the interface of Internet Explorer and Firefox is not very different. Almost everything else is in the same place. See it for yourself, download Firefox now!

5. Fantastic add-ons to Firefox.
The community suppoting Firefox has really created a tremendous amount of extensions and plug-ins, something which Internet Explorer simply cannot compare. We have included our favourites here.

GspaceA tool that makes gmail a online storage place
FireFTPA tool integrated into Firefox to do FTP transfer
Download StatusbarShow the status of the download on the statusbar
Tab ScopePreview of content of the tab by rolling your mouse on the tab
Gmail ManagerGmail notifier at the statusbar to keep you updated
Tab Mix PlusShows the loading status in the tab
Screengrab!Screenshot the web page
Fast Video DownloadSave video from online streaming video (e.g. YouTube)
Update NotifierNotify you once there is update for the extension

Switching browser
You may think that switching browser is a troublesome task, but it is really not. And if you are thinking "What about my bookmarks?" then we have got to tell you "It is taken care of."

Step 1: Choose Bookmarks -> Organise Bookmark -> File -> Import
Step 2: Choose Internet Explorer

Well, you might suspect that we are employed by Mozilla Firefox but seriously, we are not. Neither are we putting down Microsoft's effort to improve Internet Explorer because it has really improved over the years.

Firefox is now into their 2nd version (Internet Explorer is now 7 edition). What we are trying to say is "There is this free application that can enchance your web surfing experience!"

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