Samsung D880

While everyone else is trying to squeeze more pixels into the phone, Samsung Mobile did something else. They manage to squeeze one more SIM card slot into their latest phone to debut in Singapore, D880. Following the appearance of G600 and F330, D880 (also known as D880 Duos) promises to be something different.

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Samsung D880
  • Dual SIM card slot
  • 3 Megapixels camera, autofocus, flash
  • 2.3" TFT LCD with 256K colours

  • 18.9mm thick and 113g heavy
  • microSD slot
  • FM Radio and Bluetooth (A2DP)

  • Business card reader application
  • Document viewer
  • TV-out port

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As you may notice, Samsung D880 is average in all aspects except the wow factor of having 2 SIM card slots. And some might have heard of China-made phones with dual SIM card as well but the problem is those didn't turn out to be useful for various reasons.

So the next question would be: Can you get calls on both SIM cards (two phone numbers)?

The answer is yes, according to the current users. That is to say both SIM cards are active and you can toogle between them to make calls or surf the net with GPRS. In the case of incoming call, the display which card is in use. D880 is also said to be able to work with cards from different operators.

All in all, D880 is suitable for frequent travellers and of course people with two numbers. It is basically a business phone without 3G however, which is neccesary for corporate usage.

Samsung D880 is selling for S$668 (without contract) now at the Bookfest 2007, Suntec City.

Link - Samsung D880 Official Website

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