New Kids in Block@SITEX 2007

1. Asus Eee PC 701
Its been some time since such aniticipation of a new gadget unveiling at a IT Show in Singapore. Asus Eee PC 701 has done it. As our earlier posting goes, the price, the size and the operating system are the major factors behind the wave of this new kid on the block.

2. LG Viewty KU990
It has a 5 Mega Pixel camera and does video recording at 120fps (for the record, a normal phone does it at 30fps). Throw in a 3" LCD and you will have a complete media phone. Perharps one of the best in the market. iPhone is never going to compete with such capabilities...

3. Samsung SCX-4500 and ML-1630
It is strange why nobody had thought of glossy finish printers when almost every other gadgets have got theirs. Samsung is now one of the pioneers (Canon has a glossy finished bubble jet iP1880 but it is simply not as classy as the pair here). Printing is no longer boring. Let me check whether those are really printers...

4. Aigo MP5 players

No need for video conversion anymore. It plays rm and rvmb files. Brilliant for users that keep their media in those formats. This is a case of a small change resulting in a great benefit.

5. Samsung SGH-G600
5 Mega Pixels phone are setting the standard. Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson k850i and... where is Samsung?
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