"Local" iPhones taken off the shelves

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As reported in the newspaper yesterday, Apple has threatened to fine retailers selling parallel imported iPhones at S$1,000 per set. Officially, iPhones will be hitting the local stores next year. The imported iPhones have to be "unlocked" in order to be used together with our local SIM cards.

The "unlocking" of the iPhones has violated the legal issues, not the retailing of imported sets. Meaning to say, retailers can sell imported iPhones provided they do not "unlocked" the firmware of the sets. And that means you can't make calls with the phone (using the local operators).

The local retailers said that they would not risk a small profit for such hefty fines.

Well, we can't wait for the iPhones either. Meanwhile, you can still try its clone, the iPod Touch at Epicentre. The navigating system is wonderful but its capabilities is rather limited in our opinion. But then again thesedays people value style and design more than ever.

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