Creative Zen 32GB

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As we wake up on the 2nd day of the week after SITEX 2007, Creative announces "the world first 32GB flash memory-based portable media player". The very first question that pops up is why didn't they do it at SITEX 2007? It would create good publicity despite their rather small booth (by their usual standard). This aside, Creative is still the best Singapore has to offer in the portable digital audio player industry.

This 32GB version of ZEN is a direct upgrade from the previous ZEN (with 4GB/8GB/16GB) which has impressed with its superb display and appearance. The upgrade is critical to Creative's sales after the recent new line-up from the iPods.

The price for the 32GB version is S$549. (S$249 for 4GB, S$349 for 8GB , S$449 for 16GB).

Is it a good deal? Yes, of course given the quality and the features of Creative ZEN. But compared to the iPod, for S$549, you can get a 80GB iPod Classic for S$428 (S$100++ lesser). Or you pay S$150 more and get a 160GB iPod. Make your decision if you have cash to spare.

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