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Aigo has to be commended for their effort to produce innovative products compared to the rest of China (esp. those no-brand Chinese manufacturer). They even managed to put their name on the Formula One racing suit. And their latest products certainly shown some good work has been done.

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Aigo P881
  • 160GB Built-in hard disk
  • Readable format includes RM/.RMVB
  • 4.3" TFT LCD (480 x 272)

  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • Supports Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 (DRM 10)
  • AV-Out Port

  • SNR > 88dB (Sound Noise Ratio)
  • Official battery life is about 12 hours for audio and 3 hours for video
  • Weighs about 180g (124mm x 76mm x 28mm)
Aigo P881 comes with the usual earphones, USB and USB host cable, line-in cable, AV cable, AC adaptor, installation CD and user manual.

First look at P881, it seems to be a very "clean" media player since all the buttons are hidden by the side. Aigo P881's thickness is also roughly the same as most other players and you will find a table stand (at the back of the player) that helps the player to stand upright on flat surface.

There are also buttons line-up on two sides of the player and it seems that the buttons are all very "tacky" (which means it gives you a plastic feeling). Finally, the ports are by the right side on the player with a cover.

The display quality is excellent. Note that, according to other reviews, the viewing angle is rather narrow. And there is no customized EQ and FM radio, stuff that people usually look out for.

Supported format are:
AVI (DivX 3.11/4.x/5.1/5.2, Xvid)
WMV (Microsoft WMV9)
SWF (FLASH4/5/6)

Aigo P881 is going at S$699 at the moment. And as you probably realised, the best part about P881 is its ability to play .rm and .rvmb. The truth is however, would you pay S$699 for it?

No doubt its a rather large 160GB hard disk, our guess is not everyone would be willing to fork out that sum of money for it. Not when notebooks are going for S$777. And we are used to converting our movies into mpeg4.

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