ASUS Eee: What is the fuss about?

As many would have heard of it, ASUS Eee notebook is finally coming to Singapore as early as this december (according to speculation). So what is so exciting about this new notebook from the Taiwan manufacturer?

Physical size
Don't be fool be the picture, at 7" weighing in at 0.92kg, it is twice as small as the ordinary notebook. Yes, it is hardly revolutionary since Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) are rather common. But wait till you finish this list.

Eee PC will not cost you more than S$700 according to estimate (Conversion from USD). So the cheapest UMPC around before Eee PC is Kohjinsha's going at S$1,000.

The reason for such a low price is, of course, the hardware. A celeron processor with 512MB of ram and 4GB of solid-state harddisk! No DVD drive. Connectivity else it comes with WiFi and USB ports. Eee PC is packed with a 4-cell battery estimated to run for 3.5 hours.

Eee PC will run on Windows XP / Linux. Our local set should come with Linux.

The deal is therefore the fact that almost anyone can afford it. While it is nothing fanciful, it has created communities of supporter. It does your basic tasks such as surfing and typing with minimum fuss. Games are restricted to those with very low requirement.

It does not replace your notebook to a certain extend but it should be a really cool gadget to own. Many in Singapore has bought the import set (Like the iPhone). We expect a greater impact when it is officially lanuch here. And for your information, a quick google shows up lots of formal and informal support to this classy gadget.
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