Nokia 6500 Classic

What you can do with Nokia 6500:
1. Claim to own Nokia’s slimmest phone in the market
2. Claim to own a phone with one of the largest built-in flash memory (1GB)
3. Great keypads (Check them out at retail stores)
4. Own a phone with metal housing
5. 16 million colours LCD
6. Take average photos with 2MP camera with LED flash
7. Go on 3G network
8. Micro USB port and Bluetooth

What you cannot do with it:
1. No external card slot!
2. No Wi-Fi

At TSGTS, we want to talk about some really interesting gadgets in Singapore, Nokia 6500 fits the bill. What took Nokia so long to produce a slim phone is beyond us. Whatever it is, Nokia 6500 Classic is a great phone for just about anyone. Businessmen would like it, ladies might like it and teens should like it.

Singtel is letting it go at S$268 for a 2 year contract. I think it’s fair enough at the moment mainly because its functions are average. No Wi-fi and only 2MP camera. Glad to see it comes with micro USB port though. The 16 million LCD should a plus point too.

Beware of the fact that there is no external card slot. Meaning to say you could probably store less than 200 songs on your mobile phone.

In any case, I would give an 8/10 rating to Nokia 6500 Classic.
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