tsgts has been online for 2 years already.

Bloggers have been increased from 1 active, 1 static to 2 active, 1 static. Introducing the 3 nonsense bloggers:

B - Writes most of the posts nonsenses in this blog.

Ah Yap - Probably the geekest among the 3.

VT - Static.

But the objective remains...

This is what we said in 2007 and still true in 2009:
We are Singaporeans that loves electronic gadgets and we enjoy talking about the local consumer market. Hence, with the creation of this space we can air our views and hopefully be able to provide some useful information to fellow Singaporeans.

Please note that we are not trying to give a technical read-up in any way. It’s simply our thoughts, nothing more. Hence, our writings may or may not be relevant to all but we still hope it’s something interesting.

Currently, we are not planning to narrow ourselves down to any gadgets category therefore you may see random gadgets appearing on our space.

You are welcome to email us at the following address: thesingaporegadgettalkshow@gmail.com
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